Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand [Gallery]

Since I got back from backpacking New Zealand earlier this year, I’ve been attempting to get caught up on the thousands of photos I took. I’d originally posted a few in a previous post, but wanted to jump back and … Read More


My ‘Kiwi Experience’ Review

I got to New Zealand with no real plan for getting around. I knew a handful of things that I wanted to do, but how I traveled around was completely up in the air. There are a handful of companies who run backpacker bus tours in New Zealand, but the Kiwi Experience looked like the best bet for what I was after in to cover a good chunk of both North and South Islands. … Read More


Milford Sound: The 8th Wonder of the World for Good Reason

When I left for New Zealand, I only had three specific things in mind to photograph while I was here: The Hobbiton Movie Set, the incredible night sky, and Milford Sound. Fortunately, I was able to tick each one off my list (and then some). Of all the vistas and scenic places I visited here, the last one was by far the most spectacular. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. … Read More

Lake Matheson, New Zealand

Lake Matheson, New Zealand

Many of the lakes in New Zealand have an underwater current of some kind, which makes it difficult to get really great reflections. Lake Matheson, on the West Coast of New Zealand near Mt. Cook, is a bit different. It has no current, which means you get really great reflections like this off the still water. It’s known for being one of the best “mirror lakes” on all the South Island. There aren’t many, either. … Read More


Kayaking in Franz Josef, New Zealand

The only time I’d gone kayaking before this was off the coast of Maine back home, more than a decade ago. Ocean kayaking and lake kayaking are similar, but have their differences. Most importantly, you aren’t constantly fighting the tide in a lake. I paid $100 NZD for the three hour adventure, mostly with hopes I’d get some unique photos of the glacier and surrounding mountains from the water. I got that, and one of the most impressive sunsets I’ve seen, maybe ever. … Read More


A Little Puddle in Some Little Hills

As we were heading out of Abel Tasman National Park this morning, we made a quick stop at the massive Lake Rotoiti. At its deepest point, Rotoiti is about 270 feet deep. It feeds the Buller River, which the road we took followed for quite a while today. It was gorgeous far beyond what this simple photo shows. … Read More


Bazils Hostel – Westport, New Zealand

So far, I haven’t made a habit of writing about the hostels I’ve stayed at here in New Zealand. For the most part, they’re all about the same. However, I’m staying at Bazils Hostel today in Westport and it’s a much more pleasant experience than anything I’ve had for the last couple weeks since I’ve been here. It’s an actual, genuine hostel, not a chain like Base with mediocre rooms, cheap squeaky bunk beds, dirty bathrooms, and two power outlets for a dorm room of six people. … Read More