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Obtaining Travel Visas as a US Citizen

The only real planning I’m doing prior to setting off for my trip, besides the airline tickets I’ll need, is obtaining the necessary travel visas for countries I plan to visit. Some of them, like New Zealand and Singapore, don’t require visas to be obtained in advance. They’re issued “on arrival” when you go through Customs at your destination airport.

Others require a little bit of preparedness, like Vietnam. I used the website to get mine and it was only $25 USD. You can opt to pay an additional $10 for expedited processing. … Read More

eat pray love

Eat Pray Love

Two days ago, I wrote about my decision to sell almost all of my belongings, put the rest in storage, and start backpacking around the world. Since then, I’ve gotten support from all of my family, almost all of my friends (the ones who matter, anyway), and my ex-wife. Someone who’s not on my side: one of my ex-wife’s best friends. She mockingly refers to this as my “Eat Pray Love” trip.

Until two days ago, I honestly had no idea what ‘Eat Pray Love’ was. I’d never seen the movie, let alone heard of or read the book. So, when I heard this, it made no sense. A quick Google search of the phrase led me to IMDB, where I read about the movie. A few minutes later, I was buying it on iTunes (a little after midnight, that night) and spent the next two and a half hours watching, essentially, a movie about myself. … Read More

The Big Bang: How it all Started

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a free spirited, adventure seeking, fun loving, fast moving, travel junkie. I guess I can thank my parents for that, really. Growing up, we took family vacations every summer to various places around the United States.

My first trip to Disney World as a kid was when I was six, where we celebrated by sister’s 2nd birthday. The next year, we rented a cabin at a ski resort in Estes Park, Colorado, and then drove down to Mesa Verde to tour the ancient cliff dwellings of the Anasazi pueblo people. … Read More