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Exchanging US Currency for Foreign Currency Before Traveling

I’m not a fan of carrying much cash. 99% of my purchases are made on a debit or credit card. I like to travel that way, too. It’s safer, I have immediate record of it with my mobile banking app, and I’m protected against fraud by my bank should my card be stolen. That being said, there are plenty of instances where cash is required or just more convenient. … Read More

First Adventure: March – June 2014

I’ve never left myself time for much planning, and this first big adventure will be no different. In less than two weeks, I’m hitting the road.

I’ll fly from here to New Zealand to go backpacking for 3 weeks (it’s summer there right now). After that, around the middle of April, I’ll fly from New Zealand to Vietnam, spend a week or so there hanging out with my friend Scott on the beaches of the South China Sea, and then on to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. … Read More