About Mike


Mike Beauchamp

After a divorce, losing his job, selling his house, a tumultuous relationship and subsequent breakup, Mike sold 80% of his belongings, put another 18% in storage, and packed the remaining 2% into a backpack and hit the road. Mike is currently a vagabond of sorts, traveling the world with only what he can carry on his back. He has two objectives in all of this: to photograph the most beautiful places on Earth and to finally take the time to get to know himself.

Mike writes about technology for leading mobile accessory company ZAGG on their community blog, as well as for Diets In Review, covering health and fitness gadgets, apps, and innovations. His background is in social and digital media strategy, as well as photography. Mike’s photos have been featured in newspapers, magazines, trade shows, multimedia presentations, and of course, several websites.

Mike has one son, Nikolas, and two cats, Smegol and Enzo. When he’s not traveling, he lives in Wichita, KS.

You can follow Mike on Twitter (@mbchp) for more frequent updates.