Star Trails in Charleston, SC

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Star Trails over Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge in Mt. Pleasant, SC

It was a perfectly clear (but frigidly cold) night, so I thought I’d go out and shoot some star trails over the bridge. I found a great spot next to the Charleston Aquarium to setup. Since it was 18 degrees last night, I only shot for an hour and a half, which wasn’t enough time for long streaks or full rotations. To make this image, I used a Sony NEX-7 and SEL 10-18mm wide angle lens. I made 277 total images with 8 second exposures at f/8 and ISO 800. In post, I combined them all using the Star Circle Academy Photoshop stacking batch preset. Once all 277 images had been compiled, I brought the single image into Lightroom for final adjustments and a few tweaks to contrast and clarity.

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20″ x 16″




.75 inch Wood Frame


Wall Hangers