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Milford Sound: The 8th Wonder of the World for Good Reason

When I left for New Zealand, I only had three specific things in mind to photograph while I was here: The Hobbiton Movie Set, the incredible night sky, and Milford Sound. Fortunately, I was able to tick each one off my list (and then some). Of all the vistas and scenic places I visited here, the last one was by far the most spectacular. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. … Read More


Kayaking in Franz Josef, New Zealand

The only time I’d gone kayaking before this was off the coast of Maine back home, more than a decade ago. Ocean kayaking and lake kayaking are similar, but have their differences. Most importantly, you aren’t constantly fighting the tide in a lake. I paid $100 NZD for the three hour adventure, mostly with hopes I’d get some unique photos of the glacier and surrounding mountains from the water. I got that, and one of the most impressive sunsets I’ve seen, maybe ever. … Read More


New Zealand Night Sky

On April 1, I stayed at a place called River Valley Lodge. If you’re driving south on the North Island, it’s between Lake Taupo and Wellington. They’re known for their horseback riding and white water rafting. The lodge is also quite a ways from — well, anything. The closest town is roughly 20 miles away. … Read More


Exploring Hobbiton and The Shire, Home of Frodo Baggins

Before I left the states, I really had only one thing I knew I wanted to do for certain while in New Zealand: visit the Hobbiton movie set where all the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were filmed. I didn’t come to Hobbiton because I’m a wild and crazy Lord of the Rings fan, although I have seen all the movies. I was more interested in the photo opportunities. As travel photographers, we’re always looking for something unique, and as it happens, this is the only place on Earth to find hobbit holes like these. … Read More


The Kiwi Experience and Cathedral Cove

We left Auckland this morning, and Bridget couldn’t have been more thrilled. She doesn’t much care for Auckland, and doesn’t consider it “real New Zealand.” The city has more than 1.4 million residents, which Bridget said is more than the entire population of the South island. Only 4.4 million people live in all of New Zealand, so that’s a lot for just one city. … Read More

Las Vegas Strip in Motion

Days 1 and 2: Fabulous Las Vegas

First stop on my adventure: Las Vegas. The flight leaving Wichita was late getting in and leaving, but I ran into my friend Brittany at the airport, getting off the plane I was getting ready to get on. I finally arrived Sunday night around 11pm, grabbed my pack from the baggage claim, and hopped on the shuttle to the hotel. By the time I got checked in and made it to my room, it was after 1am, so I crashed for the night. … Read More


Sony Smart Remote Control App with Sony A7 / A7R

The camera I’ll be taking with me on this and future backpacking trips around the world is the new Sony A7 full-frame mirrorless camera. It was the natural progression for me after loving my Sony NEX-7 for so long,and it’s proven to be a worthy upgrade. … Read More