Days 1 and 2: Fabulous Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip Traffic in Motion

First stop on my adventure: Las Vegas. The flight leaving Wichita was late getting in and leaving, but I ran into my friend Brittany at the airport, getting off the plane I was getting ready to get on. I finally arrived Sunday night around 11pm, grabbed my pack from the baggage claim, and hopped on the shuttle to the hotel. By the time I got checked in and made it to my room, it was after 1am, so I crashed for the night. 

Yesterday, I grabbed lunch at In-N-Out Burger with Lori Cox, a friend I’d met a couple years ago on Twitter. We’d never actually met in person before, so that was fun, and I never turn down an opportunity to get my fix of In-N-Out when I’m near one. After lunch, I caught up on a bit of work and grabbed a nap. Nothing too exciting.Mike and Lori from Twitter

Last night, I finally headed out for some time on the strip. If you know me, you know I’m a fiend for Blackjack. Exercising a lot of self control, I avoided the tables and wondered around to take a few photos and videos instead. I’ve been to Vegas 20 times or so, but it’s one of those cities that never gets old. I love all the energy.

While watching the Fountains at Bellagio, I met a lady named Lynn and her daughter (didn’t catch her name) who were in for the weekend. Lynn is from Wisconsin and her daughter goes to school in Colorado. While talking to her about my adventures, she let me know she’s needing someone to put together a nice, clean, simple website for her new business. I promised to send her a few of the photos from the Fountains and that we could also talk about getting a website built for her. In this day and age, you’re dead in the water if you aren’t online. And that just so happens to be something I can do while traveling.

Fountains at BellagioAfter that, I went up to one of the many bridges that cross the strip and made the photo at the top of this post. As I was shooting, I met another photographer there doing the same thing. Gerry was in town for business – a conference for cinema and theater owners – and just so happened to have the same Sony A7 camera as I do. Of course, we talked about photography and it’s always interesting to hear how other photogs work. He also told me a bit about the conference he was in town for, and how he literally sampled 12 different types of nacho cheese and six different types of caramel popcorn that a vendor was selling for movie theaters.

By this time, it was getting late and I decided to head back to the hotel and crash for the night. I had a bus to LA to catch this morning.

I’m writing this on the bus right now, actually. In all my travels, I’ve never taken a bus, so this is a new experience. It’s not like flying at all. Well, minus the guy sitting next to me who keeps trying to read what I’m typing. Hey dude! We made a few stops at other hotels to pick up more passengers, and finally hit the road. Should take about 6 hours to get to LA. And hey, for $25 bucks, I’m not complaining. Once I get to LA, I’ll be in the middle of downtown and I’ll grab a taxi to get to the airport.

Taking the Bus to LA

My flight for New Zealand doesn’t leave until 10:15pm PST tonight, so I’ll have a bit of time to kill at LAX. This will be my first international flight, so I’m giving myself plenty of time to make sure I get checked in okay.

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After a divorce, losing his job, selling his house, a tumultuous relationship and subsequent breakup, Mike sold 80% of his belongings, put another 18% in storage, and packed the remaining 2% into a backpack and hit the road. Mike is currently a vagabond of sorts, traveling the world with only what he can carry on his back. He has two objectives in all of this: to photograph the most beautiful places on Earth and to finally take the time to get to know himself. You can follow Mike on Twitter (@mbchp) for more frequent updates.

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